Calvary Chapel Training Center

Calvary Chapel Training Center


8976 Calle Las Pilas, La Gloria, Tijuana Mexico (US) 702.448.4725 | (MEX) 664.636.1252


Church Plant International is an 8-week church planting boot camp focused on preparing Spanish-speaking families to plant churches worldwide. It features courses taught be experienced pastors and teachers on everything from leadership to vocational counseling for bi-vocational planters. Families are encouraged to attend together as there is childcare provided.

Here are some basic details:

First steps: Fill out an application, and then meet with our director.
Course Dates: July 8th, 2018- September 1st, 2018

Duration: 8 weeks course




  • Pastor Jeff Roenspie
  • Pastor Harold Anderson
  • Pastor Andrew Fruin
  • Pastor Dan Finfrock
  • Steve McCracken
  • Pastor Mike Vincent
  • Pastor Fernando Serrano
  • Pastor Ron Brink
  • Pastor Marvin Marroquin
  • Pastor Jim Davis
  • Church Planting According to the Book of Acts
  • Leadership and Team Development
  • Inductive Bible Study
  • How to Prepare Preaching and Sermon
  • Vocational Counseling
  • Biblical Theology
  • Strategies for Church Planting
  • Apologetics
  • Biblical Counseling
  • Difficulties in Church Planting
  • Cultural Relevance in Church Planting


Calvary Chapel Monterrey

(Church in Progress)

Peter Velazquez and Mishael Cazares will be planting a church in Monterrey, Mexico in 2018. Peter and Mishael graduated from CPI in La Gloria last summer in 2016. Peter is currently interning at CC Rosarito and Mishael is serving at CC Xochimilco. Please be praying for them as they cast out a vision for the city of Monterrey.


Calvary Chapel Culiacan

Pastor Hugo Limon was born and raised in Culiacán, Sinaloa, Mexico. Ten years ago Pastor Hugo’s job transferred him to Tijuana where he met his wife, Brenda, and he now has a daughter named Joy. Pastor Hugo served as an Assistant Pastor at Calvary Chapel. In September of 2015, Pastor Hugo and his family returned to his hometown of Culiacán to plant Calvary Chapel Culiacán.

Calvary Chapel Maranatha (Mazatlan)

Pastor Tony and his family moved from Tijuana to Mazatlan to plant Calvary Chapel Maranatha this past November 2016. We’ve received great news that they are growing really fast and have moved their services from their home to a new building. Tony has had a lot of experience in different Calvary Chapel churches, and he felt a specific calling to Mazatlan even though he had never actually been there! While he had to work, his wife, Angela, graduated from Church Plant International 2015 because there were no other opportunities for the wife of a church planter to be raised up and training otherwise. Tony says that before her training she would just nod her head accepting the move to plant the church, but after graduation, she actually had a lot of passion and great ideas!

Calvary Chapel Del Prado

Although CC Del Prado had been a struggling church plant for two years, after Pastor Jose Manuel Cazares attended CPI with his wife, Maria Luisa, and the majority of his leadership, he decided to re-launch their church with a focus on reaching out to the kids of the community and training up leaders. Since the re-launch, many new families have begun attending and the majority of the new attendees are serving in local ministry. Every year, CC Del Prado sends their leaders to be developed at CPI, which is an honor that we don’t take lightly.

Calvary Chapel Pueblos Magicos

Williams and Salma both wound up at CPI 2014 praying that the Lord would use it to give them wisdom as to what they were called to do and where. God used CPI to give Williams a passion for planting a church in a local suburb of 100,000 people, called “Pueblos Magicos”. No one knew at the time that Williams and Salma would wind up getting married and moving there as newlyweds to plant! To this day, God continues to use them to reach that area which is only 10 minutes away from the Tijuana dump.

Calvary Chapel Michoacan

Rogelio attended Church Plant International 2015 because God had put the city of his birth strongly on his heart- Zamora, Michoacan. Michoacan is a state that lies within the “Circle of Silence” of Mexico meaning that there is next to no Protestant voice in the área. The Barragan family is now gathering support and developing a church planting team using the principles learned at Church Plant International.

Calvary Chapel Living Hope

Pastor Eduardo and Linda Fernandez planted CC Esperanza Viva in his hometown of Guadalajara. They are serving alongside Tyler and Eunice Twistol who were also CPI 2016 graduates at CTC La Gloria. They launched their church back in January 2017 and have been successful in reaching out to the community.

Las Pilas 8976, La Gloria, 22645 La Joya, B.C., Mexico 702-448-4725 (US) (+52-664) 636-1252 (Mex)