Landscaping Remodel


Landscaping Remodel

We are looking to update and improve the landscaping of CTC.  We have already improved the landscaping in front of the existing CMU wall/pickets.  Three other areas are in need of improvements: 1) the area between the Ministry Homes and the Dining/MPR Building; 2) the devotional area; and 3) the area around the new Dining/MPR Building deck. Work involves removing old and overgrown vegetation, minor grading, new plantings, installation of new irrigation.

  • Area 1: Approximate cost is $2,500
  • Area 2: Approximate cost is $4,000
  • Area 3: Approximate cost is $2,000


Amphitheater Seating

Stepped seating on the side of the hill above the firepit and BBQ/Outdoor Theater area, overlooking the surrounding area.  This seating will provide an area for teachings, activities, and also watching outdoor movies.

  • Stepped seating in hill above firepit and bbq pit area
  • Seating for 50 people
  • Building materials consist of CMU block, concrete and wood
  • Approximate cost is $1,500