Partnership and Sponsorship

Calvary Training Center is committed to offering a safe environment for the children of the Kids of the King. It is also important to CTC to operate each area of the ministry with financial integrity. In order to achieve both of these ends, we have put the following policies in place:

Sponsorship Policies

  • Funds received by Calvary Training Center will be appropriated according to our three-part mission- ministering to and discipling the children in spirit, mind, and body.

    • Spirit – Studying the Bible from Genesis to Revelation with specific application, as well as opportunity to give, pray, and apply Scripture to their lives.

    • Mind – Assisting with and providing tutelage in a variety of subjects. Encouraging and exhorting them as they encounter challenges in their everyday lives.

    • Body – Providing a nourishing meal and fun, athletic play time.

  • Resources provided for Kids of the King will go to the program for food, supplies, facilities and services. Funds will also be used for salaries for the counselors, teachers, and the program director.

  • All donations are tax deductible through Calvary Chapel Las Vegas.

Child Privacy Policies

  • Children in the program will be invited to communicate with sponsors through crafts, and other correspondence on a voluntary basis. This is to assist in developing a heart of gratitude and will never be coerced.

  • Sponsors will not be allowed to correspond with any of the children in Kids of the King in order to keep the children safe. All correspondence will be between Calvary Training Center staff or the program director and the sponsor.

  • Sponsors may choose to send extra gifts to Kids of the King through the online amazon wish list of ministry needs. Gifts will be distributed appropriately and used for the benefit of all of the children. Gifts, packages, and other donations that aren’t purchased through the amazon wish list are not allowed. Exceptions may be made when Calvary Training Center makes specific requests.

  • To protect the privacy of all parties, we do not allow children and sponsors to exchange contact information, including names. We require that all correspondence be sent to the Calvary Training Center address in San Diego.

  • Unmonitored communication with children in the program or family is not allowed. This includes contact through the internet or social media (e.g. Instant Messaging, Facebook, Skype, etc.).

  • All specific visits to Kids of the King must be coordinated with Calvary Training Center leadership representatives at our headquarters at least 60 days in advance. Unannounced visits to Calvary Training Center, their school, home or place of residence are not allowed.

  • An application form, release form, and a background check will be required prior to visiting Calvary Training Center to visit Kids of the King.

  • These policies are for the protection of the children. A breach of these policies will result in the immediate termination of the sponsorship relationship. Any immoral, unethical or illegal behavior by a sponsor will result in legal action.

Your Privacy

  • Because your privacy and security are important to us, children and families are discouraged from contacting you without CTC’s knowledge. Any unfacilitated contact initiated by children or their family should immediately be reported to Calvary Training Center for both their security and yours.


  • The lives of children, their families, and members of their community should be portrayed with accuracy and dignity. The children we work with are partners with us in bringing transformation to communities in poverty.


  • CTC will advertise the opportunity to sponsor the Kids of the King program through social media, word of mouth, etc.

  • Sponsors may give through the Calvary Training Center website or through the offering boxes at CCLV.

  • The money will then be deposited into the CCLV/CTC WellsFargo account where the CTC director is a signer.

  • The funds will be withdrawn by the CTC director and brought into Mexico to be used for food, supplies, facilities, services, and salaries for the counselors, teachers, and the program director.

  • A biannual e-newsletter with updates from the Kids of the King will be sent out to all sponsors with updates, crafts, and photos will be sent to sponsors. All contributions from the children will be voluntary.

  • Each December, Christmas cards will be sent to all sponsors. All contributions from the children will be voluntary.

  • Gifts may be purchased for the children through the online amazon wishlist.

  • Upon receiving a gift a thank you letter will be sent to the sponsor. This letter will be sent in email format if the sponsor previously indicated that they want updates to be sent through email.

  • If sponsors wish to terminate the sponsorship agreement we ask that sponsors would give notice and reason so that we may improve.

Why don’t we allow the sponsoring of individual children?

  • There are many reasons why we ask that sponsors support the entirety of the program as opposed to individual children. However one of the greatest reasons is that Tijuana is a transient community. Often children are forced to move out of the town, while many new children are moving in. While we love it when children are in attendance from kindergarten to 6th grade, that is not always possible. Kids of the King allows open enrollment to children at any time. Your donations allow us to minister to whomever the Lord brings us.