Special Projects

Please partner up with us in prayer!

Sharing the Vision


Welcome to our Special Projects section.  As we look to improve the facilities at CTC, we have identified several small to large projects.  We ask that you would pray for these projects, that God would provide: 1) guidance in prioritizing them; 2) funds and materials for the work; and 3) laborers to do the work.

If you are interested in supporting one of these projects financially, please click here, and select Special Projects from the pull-down menu.

If you are planning a short term mission trip to CTC, please take a look at these projects and pray about how your team can be a part of making CTC better.

Building Construction and Maintenance

New Flooring in the Ministry Home

MPR Room Remodel

Dorm Remodel

New Laundry & Storage Building

Landscaping & Property Projects

New Perimeter Walls


Property Pavers

Firepit Area

Picnic Tables and Benches



Kitchen Needs

New Commercial Stove

New Commercial Fridge